Bosang Umbrella Village

Bosang Umbrella village
Borsang village, Sankampaeng District of Chiang Mai in the heart of the handicraft industy. You will find all of the tradditional handicraft of the old days an the new in many shops along the Chiang Mai – Sankampaeng Road.

Umbrella making at Borsang village is Chaingmai’s famous traditional tour. Here the handpaint without pre – planned on the umbrella was attraction for all tourist A bamboo frame and handle while the covering is made from the bark of mulberry tree call “Saa Paper”.

They are good souvenir gifts to friends back home Teakwoods carving are beutiful carved furniture for giving your living room or garden a touch of Oriental. Another handicrafts in Borsang – Sankampaeng Such as Thai ceramics, silk and textile, silverware and Saa-paper products.

Wood Carving

excerpt umbrella village, had “Wood Carving” too in this area.

Hot Springs

Hot springs here is biggest in Chiang Mai.