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Chiang Mai

Chiangmai is Thailand's principal Northern city. It is the second largest metropolis in the country, next to Bangkok. The word Chiang means "walled city", and Mai means "new". This "new city"  was created in the fertile valley through which runs the river "Ping".

Mountains surrounding chiangmai form lower extremities of Himalayan foothills and host serveral hilltribes of Tibeto- Burman origin. Forests still worked by elephants, water falls, coves, gorges, cultivated orchards and plantations that invite detailed exploration.

The city of Chiangmai was founded in 1296 by King Mengrai (or Mongrai), Prince of Chiangsaen. Chiangmai became the capital of "Kingdom of Lanna" (Lanna means a million ricefields). In 1556 it was conquered by Burmese force and remained a Burmese Vassal State until 1775.

At that time it was liberated by King Taksin of Siam (Now is Thailand) and become a Siamese dependency.
From 1775 to 1938 Chiangmai was ruled by Local Princes, as a vassal of the Kingdom of Siam. The Last hereditary Princes, Chao Kaew-Navarath died in 1938 and had no successor. King Chulalongkorn (Rama 5) of Siam took over the administration of Chiangmai. In 1949 Chiangmai was officially recognized as Thailand's province until now

Picture : Left, King Phamuang from Phayao. Right, King Ram Kham Haeng from Sukhothai. In the middle, King Mengrai, who built Chiangmai.

The slogan of Chiangmai :
The Great Honor, Doi Suthep.
The Distinctive ancient culture and tradition.
The Flowers always bloom to all sights.
The Treasured kingdom, Nakorn-Ping.

The full name of Chiangmai is Nophburi Srinakorn Ping Chiangmai.

Sunday Walking StreetSunday Walking Street (CM)
Saturday MarketSaturday Market (CM)
Songkran FestivalSongkran Festival
Loykatong FestivalLoykatong Festival
Vegetarian FestivalVegetarian Festival
Long Boat RacingLong Boat Racing
Bungfai - Fire CrackerBungfai - Fire Cracker
Buffalo Racing FestivalBuffalo Racing Festival
Hilltribe New YearHilltribe New Year (CM)
Ape PartyApe Party
Muay Thai (Thai Kick Boxing)Thai Kick Boxing (CM)
Thai CousineThai Cousine (CM)
Thai MassageThai Massage (CM)
Khaosan RoadKhaosan Road
Thapae AvenueThapae Avenue (CM)
Bhubing PalaceBhubing Palace (CM)
Other ContentOther Content
CM = Chiang Mai Area

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